Our Process

WESTCOAST/EAST LEATHER GOODS uses original designs and premium leather for all of our tool rolls, handbags and leather accessories.

Each of the items is handcrafted. We start the process by mocking up a design in paper and then building a prototype out of cardboard or leather. We test the prototype to make sure it’s functional and durable.

Once we have our design we choose the best leather for the item and handcut it from a hide. Then we create the item step-by-step, starting with gluing seams, then stitching, riveting and hand finishing the leather.

What has been the most fun about working with the leather and designing tool rolls is the universe of possibilities and uses for these carry goods. Mechanics, riders, stylists, artists and even bartenders and oyster shuckers! The list keeps growing and the products keep evolving.

My aim has always been to offer high quality leather goods for a reasonable price. The most satisfying part of crafting these goods has been working with our buyers and hearing how they’ve been happily surprised with these handmade products, as gifts and for themselves, and how they are putting them to use.

Bought one of our items and want to share how you are using it? Please send us a pic and description. We’d love to hear from you!

Step1: Design and make pattern
Step 1: Design and make pattern.
Step 2: Cut leather and assemble hardware and tools
Step 2: Cut leather and assemble hardware and tools.
Step 3: Stitch and assemble pieces
Step 3: Stitch and assemble pieces.
attaching grommets to tool roll
Step 4: Attach rivets and hardware to tool roll.
Our best-selling multi-use leather tool roll
Step 5: Assemble all parts and finish with sealer or neatsfoot oil.

westcoast/east specializes in handcrafted artisanĀ  leather goods, including tool rolls for mechanics, cyclists, artists and more. Our designs are unique, American-made and perfect for carrying all your essential tools.

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